4G/LTE Data bundles

What you need to know about 4G data bundles.

In line with world class internet standards, Africell Uganda has embarked on a 4G roll out plan attaining a huge coverage of the country. This technology enables user experience with fast loading speeds. Africell launched the first ever 4G data bundles that are exclusively for 4G enabled devices. The bundles dubbed ‘Crazy 4G’ promise to deliver unique speeds targeted for people who are keen about convenience and efficiency.

What you need to know in order to enjoy the Crazy 4G bundles:
  1. 4G data bundles work only when connected to 4G/LTE network. For you to enjoy 4G bundles, you need to have:
    • 4G SIM card
    • 4G enabled device

  2. The bundles can be purchased through:
    • Africell airtime using USSD code (*133*2#) OR
    • Africell shops country wide

  3. Once a 4G bundle is activated you need to connect to 4G network to browse using the 4G bundles. When network connection is on 3G or 2G, the 4G bundle will not work. However other data bundles will work.

For more info, please call our toll free line on 100 or +256790000100