Africell Services

You do not have to miss your calls,when you switch your phone back on or get into a network coverage area, you will receive a message from whoever tried calling you, when unavailable. The caller will also receive a message notification that you are now availableTo turn on/off missed call alerts, dial 123 toll free and follow the voice instructions

At Africell, we know that running out of airtime when you have to make important calls is a problem.

That's why with Wetaase you get emergency airtime so that you can make calls or send SMSs with no airtime

simply dial *161# or *155# to get going again

Who is eligible to use Wetaase?

Any customer who has spent at least 3 months on the Africell network is eligible for wetaase

how do I check my balance?

To check your balance hen dial *161# and select option 3 to see the available balance. Available balance is credit limit. Credit limit is also shown on the Airtime balance USSD *131#

What is credit limit?

This is the maximum Wetaase that the customer can use. This is dependent on customer loyalty and usage. To check your credit limit, you must be first be registered to the service, then dial *161# and select option 3 to see the available balance. Available balance is credit limit. Credit limit is also shown on the Airtime balance USSD *131#, but only if the customer is registered for the service (Wetaase).

What is loyalty?

Loyalty refers to how long the customer has been on the Africell network, from the time he/she activated the simcard. Loyalty can be 4 months, 1 year and has been actively using the line i.e. to make calls or surf the internet over that period.

How much does wetaase allow me to use ?

The minimum/maximum wetaase that a customer can get depends on the customer loyalty and the customer usage for the previous 3 months.

What is the service fee ?

Wetaase charges a service fee of 10% of what has been consumed

When do I pay back?

The customer can pay back wetaase at any time. The customer doesn’t have to wait to first reach the credit limit before paying back.

How do I pay back?

Wetaase can be paid back by loading Airtime. Immediately airtime is loaded, the wetaase is automatically deducted.

Can I choose how much to borrow?

Easy Share is a service that allows Africell subscribers to transfer airtime to other Africell subscribers.

To transfer airtime, dial *143* Africell receiver number * amount #

For example: *143* 0790123456 * 2000 #.

In this example, 0790123456 will receive 2000 /- airtime

A message is sent to the sender and the receiver to confirm the transaction.

With CallMe, you can stay in touch, anytime anywhere, even when you are out of credit.

  • Only active Africell prepaid customers can send CallMe messages

  • You can send CallMe messages to all local mobile networks

  • You can send up to 10 FREE CallMe messages per day

how it works

To send a CallMe message, simply dial *100*2*the mobile number followed by # and press the OK/ yes button.

For example:

Dial *100*2*0790123456# and press OK/ yes

In the example, 0790123456 will receive a CallMe message.

SMS (or Text messaging) is a fun and quick way to keep in touch with friends and family and anyone who has a mobile when you can't talk

Destination Tariff
Local 90/-
International 220/-

All rates include tax

how do I send a text message to another mobile phone?

  • Select "messages/Messaging" from your mobile menu

  • Then, choose "send New/Send Text"

  • Select a phone number from your phone book/contacts, or enter a new number in the "Send To" field.

how do I read a text message on my phone?

  • Go to the messaging menu on your mobile

  • Select "Inbox"

  • Highlight the message you want to read (unread messages are in bold), then press "OK"

  • To reply, erase, forward, or save the message, select "Options"


The procedures for using SMS vary for different handsets. Please refer to your phone's user guide.

What if I am having problems sending or receiving text messages?

Call our Customer service on 100 (toll free number). We will be happy to assist you.


You do not have to miss calls when your phone is off, busy or can not answer calls at that time. Simply divert your calls to 121.

When you are available, dial 123 and follow the voice instructions to listen to the messages of callers, record your personal greeting or change your password

how it works

Manage your voicemail from any other line by dialing 0790000123 or +256790000123 and follow instructions.