This is a multiple lines communication offer for entrepreneurs and small companies that need a tailored solution for their telephony needs. Your business will enjoy a customised tariff plan with decreasing prices according to your monthly commitment. For your business you can choose between Prepaid Hybrid or Post-paid lines

Features and benefits

  • Different tariff plans decreasing according to your monthly commitment

  • Monthly credit allocations for as little as 5,000/=

  • Discounted calling rates for local and international calls

  • Free data and SMS

  • Closed User Group calls for as little as 0/=

  • Special discount or free handsets depending on the monthly commitment

  • Free cost - control alerts

Mobile Voice

With Africell business voice offers, your business is guaranteed a big saving on telephony services. Africell gives you a range of offers to enable you manage and predict your monthly spend.

Prepaid Hybrid

For total control of your cost and budget, manage your monthly spend by allocating monthly airtime your workers depending on the business roles they execute on a day to day. When they use up their allocation they are able to recharge airtime.

Corporate Post-paid

Enjoy total freedom and choose the post-paid range of options for best tariff, total freedom of use, and no interruption of your business. You pay for the service after use

Fixed Voice

Enjoy free calls intra organisational calls with Africell fixed voice offers. The service to have an unlimited number of fixed lines connected to your PBX with Free calls between your fixed lines and discounted rates to other numbers.

Features and benefits

  • Reduced costs: If you have an Africell dedicated Internet link or you are willing to have one, you will save money on the equipment costs. Calling rates are also heavily discounted. We also avail discounts of up to 0/= for CUG across your mobile lines

  • Service availability: Africell guarantees an excellent quality of service and commits on service availability. Your employees gain efficiency and productivity with an "always-on" and performing service.

  • Security: Data is encrypted for maximum security to ensure that your organisation information is safely transmitted.

  • Support and Maintenance: The link is maintained at no extra cost and you are entitled to a Dedicated Account Relationship Manager, 24/7 support line

Regardless of your business size, enjoy dedicated access to Internet, using a dedicated data line to connect your office to the Africell network.

Features and benefits

  • Dedicated Bandwidth

  • Connectivity options via Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) or high grade microwave links

  • Symmetrical flows 1:1 on download and upload

  • Up to 6 additional public IPs on request

  • Guaranteed availability of up 99% on both the last mile and on the upstream

  • 24/7 dedicated support on +256 790 000 125 and

  1. Lease Lines

    • The Africell lease line connectivity solution supports all services (data, VoIP telephony and others) to enable enterprises leverage on centralised enterprise resources such as mail exchange, databases, ERPs using our secure and versatile IP MPLS network.
    • This is achieved over fixed lines on Microwave or Optical Fiber Cable

  2. M2M
    • The networking of machines is currently one of the most important technological developments of our time. These devices go a long way to provide a wide range of benefits from ensuring improved energy efficiency, effectiveness, to enhancing safety and productivity in day-to-day life of the workforce. Below are the use cases already implemented by some our customers
    • Monitoring and securing systems, buildings and valuable infrastructure
    • Cashless payment with Point of Sale (PoS) terminals
    • Fleet monitoring and tracking with automated alert systems
    • Automated shipment tracking and monitoring
    • Automated prepaid metering for utilities

  3. Enterprise connect

  4. Secure how your mobile workers access office intranet resources to ensure information security and productivity in day-to-day nomadic operations.

    • Regional sales team secure access to CRM
    • Mobile research with real time input and aggregation of research information
    • Work at home teams with access to intranet resources, shared network storage, printing as well as secure mail exchange
    • Automated prepaid metering for utilities