Mobile internet bundles (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 months), Unlimited data bundles. Triple Bundles, 4G LTE Bundles, Happy Hour, Happy Night, Swift Social Bundles have all been removed.
The new internet bundles include daily, weekly, monthly, 3months, 6months, 12months, combo bundles and unlimited bundles. Click here to view the new bundles.
You can buy the internet bundles by dialing USSD codes (*133# & *100#), Africell Money (*144#), from Africell shops, Africell agents, Webtop-up, Payway & other third parties.
No. the bundles can only be bought using Airtime loaded on the main account, from Africell shops, Africell agents, Webtop-up, Payway & other third parties.
Yes, you can purchase a bundle any number of times.
The active bundle will continue running until the volume is used up or until the bundle expires, whichever happens first. You can as well buy a new bundle when the old bundle is still active. Bundle with shortest remaining validity is consumed first.
After successful purchase of a bundle, you will receive an SMS notification showing the price, volume and expiry date of the bundle bought. You can also check your data balance to confirm by dialing *133*9#.
You can use the new internet bundles to access all internet sites and platforms including social media sites (if you paid OTT tax).
You can check your data balance by dialing *133*9#, through our web top up page or you can call our helpline on 100 (Toll free) and 0790000100 (Not Toll free from other networks) for assistance.
Yes you can; by dialing *133# ok on your phone, select option 2 of buy for another number and continue to complete the transaction.
Yes you can auto renew data bundles bought for your number when you dial *133# ok and select option 1 of buy with auto renew when confirming the transaction. Bundle Auto renews when it has reached the expiry time.
Bundle will auto renew with the closest new bundle of same validity. E.g if customer has 1day 120MB bundle in auto renewal, it will renew with 1day 150MB.
No they don’t. You can buy OTT by dialing *133# ok then select option 8 of OTT to access your social media platforms.
The new unlimited internet bundles have volume cap and speed cap. Once the volume cap has been reached before expiry of the bundle, the speeds will be reduced to 300kbps. Table below shows the new unlimited bundle offers.
The bundle with the shortest validity will be consumed first. E.g If customer has a daily bundle and weekly bundle; both bought on the same day, daily bundle is consumed first. If customer has daily bundle and weekly bundle but with weekly bundle expiring first, weekly bundle is consumed first.
Yes. A bundle only carries forward another bundle of the same validity and of same or bigger volume. Daily bundle only carries over daily bundle, weekly only carries over weekly, monthly only carries over monthly, 3months only carries over 3months, in that order. To carry over, the new bundle should be of the same or bigger volume than the previous bundle. Daily bundles have a grace period of 1day within which to be carried forward after expiry. Weekly, monthly etc bundles have a grace period of 7days.
No you can’t. You will need to use airtime credit for browsing while outside Uganda. Each kb is 0.8/- when browsing on airtime credit.
Yes. The bundles can be used for browsing in all network modes (2G, 3G, 4G)
The bundles can be bought by all Africell customers on prepaid and hybrid plans excluding corporate clients.
Yes. You will get data consumption SMSs when you use 80% and 100% of your data volume.
First check if your number is registered, active and that you are dialing the right USSD code (*133# or *100#). If the above is done but you still fail to buy the internet bundle, you can call our toll free helpline on 100 or 0790000100 (not toll free from other networks) for assistance.
You can load airtime from Africell agents/dealers, Africell shops, Africell money, Payway and other third parties.
In addition to the best prices, you will be able to access the internet at the fastest speeds in Uganda.
Ans. Our daily internet bundles expires after 24 hours from the time of purchase.
No, but you can buy an internet bundle for another number by dialing *133# and selecting the option of buy for another number.