Valentine's Promotion

The Valentine's Promo is an exciting data bonus and photo contest campaign, aimed at rewarding Africell data subscribers and their loved ones.
Africell subscribers engaging in the Promo will be rewarded up to 60% data bonus, 10% data bonus for the pairing number and 50% data bonus for the paired number all valid for 24hour. Subscribers also stand a chance to win 14GB free monthly data for contesting in our social media photo contest campaign.
Data bonus Promo:
To subscribe send an SMS with your loved one’s number to 140. E.g. 0791234567 and send to 140. The SMS costs 1000shs for successful pairing.

The photo contest campaign:
Loved ones or a pair take selfies with Africell colors and share it on any Africell UG social media platforms to be able to contest in the Selfie challenge.
Data bonus Promo:
Subscribers who join the data bonus promo by sending an SMS to 140 will incur a one-time paring charge of UGX 1000 after successful pairing.

The photo contest campaign:
Pairs will automatically join the Selfie campaign after posting their Selfies for free.
A subscriber (A-number) can only submit one Africell number (B-number) to 140. The A-number can only be submitted by a different Africell number other than its current B-number.
No, only the A-number that submits the B-Number will be charged.
The bonus data from the Valentine's promo is valid for 24 hours, while the Selfie campaign data (14 GBs) is valid for 30 days.
No, the bonus only will be awarded every time an A-number purchases a Data bundle.
Only Africell Prepaid number can be paired onto the Africell valentine’s promo. Numbers sent to 140 can be in the format of 079xxxxxxx, 79xxxxxxx, 25679xxxxxx.
You can un-pair by sending an SMS to 140 with the keyword Unpair space Number.
E.g. Unpair 0791234567 sends to 140. The SMS is free of charge.
No, however you can un-pair by sending an SMS to 140.
Yes, the number paired with on the valentine’s promo will receive a notification showing the subscriber’s number and the data bonus to be received.
Yes, the B-number will receive an SMS showing the Volume of bonus and its validity; however the bonus data does not accumulate.
Yes, you can first un-pair the current number and re-subscribe by sending an SMS with the new preferred number to 140. The SMS will be charged 1000shs.
No, subscribers can pay OTT by dialing *133*8#.
Yes, however the package with the shortest validity gets consumed first.
All internet pages, however for social media platforms, an OTT package will be required.
Send an SMS with the keyword ‘status’ to 140. The SMS is free of charge.
Subscribers can share their selfies on Africell social media pages of Africell Uganda for Facebook, @africellUG for twitter and @africellug for Instagram. The couples with the most likes will be selected as winners
Winner will be awarded at the end of the promo, 3rd March 2020.
Each pair will receive 28 GB valid for 30days (14GB for each person.)
Photo contest campaign:
- The photo must be a Selfie with Africell colors.
- The Selfie must be of a pair of people.
- The Selfie should be posted onto the Africell social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).
- A pair can only win once from the campaign.
- Only Pairs with the most likes and shares for their posted selfies are eligible to win.

Data bonus campaign:
- An Africell number can only submit one Africell number
- A paired number can only pair with a different Africell number after un-pairing from the current number.
- On successful pairing, UGX 1000 (non-refundable) is charged the submitting number.
- The data bonus is valid for 24 hours.
- Paired numbers can only receive a bonus on activation of data package.
- Bonus data will only be received on every data bundle purchase until 29th February 2020.