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Uganda’s Leading
Telecommunications and Data Operator

The Africell lease line connectivity solution supports all services (data, VoIP telephony and others) to enable enterprises leverage on centralised enterprise resources such as mail exchange, databases, ERPs using our secure and versatile IP MPLS network.
This is achieved over fixed lines on Microwave or Optical Fiber Cable
Enterprise connect

Secure how your mobile workers access office intranet resources to ensure information security and productivity in day-to-day nomadic operations.

Regional sales team secure access to CRM
Mobile research with real time input and aggregation of research information
Work at home teams with access to intranet resources, shared network storage, printing as well as secure mail exchange
Automated prepaid metering for utilities
M2M, by some of our customers
The networking of machines is currently one of the most important technological developments of our time. These devices go a long way to provide a wide range of benefits from ensuring improved energy efficiency, effectiveness, to enhancing safety and productivity in day-to-day life of the workforce. Below are the use cases already implemented by some our customers
Monitoring and securing systems, buildings and valuable infrastructure
Cashless payment with Point of Sale (PoS) terminals
Fleet monitoring and tracking with automated alert systems
Automated shipment tracking and monitoring
Automated prepaid metering for utilities